sunglasses :  prada  //  dress :  brochu walker

sunglasses: prada // dress: brochu walker

Happy Thursday!! I hope everyone is having a great week so far! Thank you so much for reading my labor story- I got so many nice texts and emails from friends near and far saying how much they enjoyed reading it and sharing in our special experience.

Last week my favorite pair of sunglasses broke and ever since I've been keeping an eye out for some replacement pairs. I wear sunglasses all of the time-- even when Karl the Fog is out-- not to look cool, although these sort of help, but because my eyes are so sensitive to the light. Growing up, I always remember my mom wearing her sunglasses or having them on her head. Fast forward and you'd be hard pressed to find a Curran lady without sunglasses. I guess we really are our mother's daughters. 

I love wearing my curly-q Prada sunglasses but I want to get another pair to fit under my hat (I hate not wearing a hat these days. I cringe every second I am in the sun without my hat and sunglasses). I am trying to pick a pair from the selection below-- which one is your favorite?

I love Thursdays because I am off to my Mommy and Me class at Day One Baby! More on that later!! Have a great day!


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