Happy Friday!!! Although the days have been blurring together recently, I always know when it is Friday because it means the weekend is here and Lillian and I get to spend lots of time with Jesse, friends, and family. It is hard to believe that tomorrow Little Miss Lillian will be seven weeks old! But what I find even more surprising is that July is almost over! I still do not feel like summer has started because, to me, summer means warm Sonoma sun and rosé by the pool. We've only made it up to Sonoma once this summer but we cannot wait to get up there this weekend!!

I'm excited to share these photos with you because I feel like they capture my postpartum style perfectly: messy hair that I have not washed in a couple of days, button down shirt, pearls, red lips (of course!), and my newest obsession: these classic varsity red Converse (from Famous Footwear- check out their gallery of #ohsofamous styles for summer inspiration here). My absolute favorite part about this pair is that they slip on! I love that they are comfortable, yet still make a statement and make me feel a little bit fashionable, even when I have spit-up all over my shirt.

It has been an absolute joy having Lillian in our lives and I honestly cannot remember life before her. Summers have always been so special for me and I have many memories of my mom taking my siblings and me on adventures around the bay area. Working in education, I was fortunate enough to keep having summers and always appreciated the time I had to relax, read, exercise, clean, travel, and take up new hobbies.

This summer is of course different than past ones, but it has been absolutely magical and I am loving motherhood. Lillian has begun to smile and loves to make me laugh. We usually start our day with a walk around Noe Valley, coffee or brunch with friends, lots of naps, some tummy time, and a visit to see Jesse at work. I have to admit that when it is foggy or cold we head to my favorite place- Stonestown- to walk around indoors and relax in the lounge in the bathroom-- yes, I am that woman now.

Truth be told, if you see me around town in the next couple of days I will be wearing this exact outfit. It has sort of become my uniform for a couple of reasons: 1.) I gave all of my sisters my clothes when I was nine months pregnant and nesting and wanting to get rid of stuff and now I don't really have any non-maternity clothes; 2.) I can only wear button-down shirts for nursing in public; 3.) I really love these red Converse shoes!!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!!


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