I have a new favorite spot in the city. I was thinking of keeping it my little secret but since it's across the city I thought I would share it so that people who live on the north side of San Francisco can enjoy it! This magical spot is the pathway around Lucas Arts in the Presidio right by the Lyon Street Gate. I am pretty sure it is called Letterman Commons (I just made that up! I stopped for a second to read the sign about the history of the site and now with my mommy brain I cannot remember what it is called).

There are lovely pathways, a pond with recirculated water, benches, and a Starbucks! With lots of beautiful trees, there is plenty of shade to hide away from the sun. Lillian and I strolled around yesterday before our hair cut at Lyon Street Salon and had a blast! We stopped on a bench for a little bit so I could feed her a bottle and as we were sitting there a summer camp for toddlers walked by and it was adorable to see the children so excited to see Lillian! "Baby! Baby!" 

I've walked through this area before but something about it yesterday made it even more special. I think what made me fall in love was the newly paved paths-- perfect for strollers-- felt like strolling on buttah!!! I have always loved going to Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park but the paths are old and very uneven due to the tree roots growing upward. Plus, during the summer months GGP is a lot more crowded with tourists. I also loved that there is a Starbucks and more importantly, a bathroom! That is always something I look at for when exploring new spots.

There was a lot of street parking available-- another bonus-- and I loved that this path had the most beautiful view of the Palace of Fine Arts. I had to take this photo because I laughed out loud when I looked at the Palace of Fine Arts from the angle-- it looked just like R2D2!!! I loved the intimacy and privacy of this space and cannot wait to picnic here on a beautiful day!