Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a nice weekend!! We spent the weekend in Bodega Bay with Jesse's family and it was so relaxing. Stay tuned for a weekend get away guide to Bodega Bay where I will share tips to have the perfect weekend in this coastal town.

It's been warm in the bay area and everyone is having some reaction to it-- it seems like people either love the heat or hate it. I can go either way depending on whether or not I am dressed appropriately. Usually when it is warm weather I like to take advantage of it and spend my time walking or exercising outside, so you will most likely see me in work out clothes. 

With a few more parties before summer is officially over I am looking forward to dressing for the occasion. Here are some pieces I have my eye on. What are your must-haves for summer? Whether I am in yoga pants or gingham, sunscreen is never forgotten!

Fashioncaroline curran