As often as we can, Lillian and I love to pop downtown to visit Jesse at work. It is like the parting of the Red Sea when we are walking along Mission Street to get to Jesse's building-- everyone is shocked to see a stroller in that part of the city and very quickly moves out of the way. It really makes me laugh! 

When we went last week (I think it was last week; all of the weeks are a blur) to see Jesse and meet some of his co-workers I was immediately greeted by a large crowd. If you think a stroller is a show-stopper you would not believe how everyone freezes when they see a baby (either with excitement, confusion, or terror). 

As I said to hello to some BC employees I thought to myself, "those people over there by the water station are really crashing this party!" To my surprise, Jesse introduced me to all of them-- they were all part of the BuildingConnected team! I was truly taken aback-- when did BuildingConnected suddenly have twenty plus employees?!

In the last three years Dustin and Jesse have continued to impress me with their innovation, leadership, determination, and hard work. Words cannot express how proud I am of the two of them. They are truly inspiring! I hope that this blog post is something we look back on and say, "remember when BuildingConnected was just 20 people...." and the memories just start flowing-- a time capsule of sorts.

I recently told Jesse that he is actually quite the entrepreneuer-- with BuildingConnected and now, LillianConnected. He is co-founder in LC (as am I)-- I also serve as Chief Marketing Officer and Lillian is Chief Operating Officer. Now if we could just get some funding from CrossLink Capital ...... ;)


caroline curran