Yesterday was the first day in a very long time that I stayed inside all day!! It was definitely the first time since Lillian was born and it was awesome!! Since we live in a great neighborhood and are literally a stones throw away from a produce market, coffee shop, nail salon, dry cleaners, and lots of restaurants, it is easy and enjoyable to just pop out of the house.

I literally spent 24 hours in my pajamas and it was wonderful!! Jesse knows that I usually go a little stir crazy so he was pretty surprised when he came home and saw that I had not left the house.

You're probably wondering what prompted this seclusion? Well, of course it was all for my Little Miss Lillian. At our Mommy and Me class at Day One Baby, the instructor said it is best to have your baby nap at home for the first nap of the day. I had to pause to think about this-- I was taken aback when I realized that we are out of the house a lot, especially with the great weather we had. We are usually out and about walking the neighborhood or driving to or from somewhere and Lillian will fall asleep. A lot of parents rely on such measures as a way to get their baby to fall asleep and I have been working on Lillian developing healthy sleeping habits and falling asleep on her own.

I did not intend to stay home all day but after her morning nap and then her two afternoon naps it somehow was 5:00pm and Jesse was on his way home. I absolutely loved being home all day and it is definitely something I am going to try and do at least twice a week. Plus, it made me feel so much better knowing that Lillian had long, uninterrupted naps and slept really well last night.

So now I am thinking that I need to get lots of pairs of pajamas, right? Here are some I have my eye on!


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