"This is the true story, of seven people, picked to live in a house, have their lives full of laughs, and find out what happens when those people are the Currans. REAL WORLD: Curran Family"

 Or something like that, right? That's how I always thought our Curran family television show would start. I had the idea for our television show (long before another famous family who's names all start with K) so people could really see what it is like to have a big family.

Growing up it never seemed odd that there were so many of us. Actually, it has not been until having Lillian that I have begun to really reflect and try to understand how crazy my parents were (in the best way) to have five kids. I kid you not, one thought I had during labor was how the heck did my mom do this five times? Five times!

I can't imagine life without Dan the Man, Tootsie, Beanie and Claire Bear-- they truly are my best friends and I feel so lucky to have a special relationship with each of them and with the group as a whole. Sure there have been times when we have gotten in fights- mostly over someone "borrowing" another one's piece of clothing without asking [nothing is off limits when it comes to borrowing clothes, you just HAVE to ask first], but for 99% of the time we all get along.

Actually, if there's someone who gets mad it is probably Danny. But it is only when he is on a group text and wants out. I swear, last week I came out of a meeting and had 44 texts from my siblings on a grext (group text). A third of those were my sisters scheming up a plan, a third were from Danny making fun of them, and a third were from Danny saying to stop the grext; to start a new one.

I had to share this photo of the five of us from Claire and Mike's engagement party at the Betro's because these days it is actually rare that all of us are together (and presentable enough for everyone to agree to a family photo). The next time we will be together is for the "Curran-Cresci Wedding Orientation" that Claire is requiring attendance at. With so many cooks in the kitchen it is important that we are on the same page for the big nuptials in just 17 days!

I guess there's nothing more to say than #SquadGoals