Happy Wednesday! Just over three years ago Jesse and I got married. It was an absolutely perfect, warm night in San Francisco and we loved dancing the night away with our family and friends. Our friend Sean texted us a video from our wedding that he had on his phone (I do love going through old photos sometimes at 4am when I am awake with Lillian). It is a video of all of our friends dancing-- it sort of looks like one of my high school dances, except there are more boys than I remember from our Convent days and all of the couples are standing closer together!

One of my biggest regrets from our wedding is that we did not have a videographer. Honestly, it was one of the last things we were going to book and in the end I could not stomach spending another $4,000+ on a videographer, so we just have to keep the memory alive with what's in our head and snippets of twenty second videos from friends' iPhone4s. But truthfully that's okay because I remember genuinely having SO MUCH fun dancing to 'Lights' for our first dance, cutting the cake that had melted in the uncharacteristically scorching sun, watching guests play corn hole while eating Mitchell's ice cream. Maybe if we had a video I would pick apart the day too much and notice details or things the event planner in me would have changed. 

Another great memory from our wedding was my Oscar de La Renta dress. I have dreams of dying it red and wearing it to the Oscars!!! What can I say, I have a good imagination! But ever since our big day weddings are a lot more special. I absolutely love being a guest and having the opportunity to share in others' milestone. Jesse and I always get closer and it makes our love deeper.

However,  every wedding has become a game of "Make Sure You're Not Wearing A Dress that Matches the Bridesmaids' Dresses", am I right?

I've mentioned it before but we have four fall weddings-- which means the stakes with this game increase. I have found that I tend to mostly wear solid color dresses to weddings and I am hoping to wear some vibrant patterns to avoid the game all together. One of my favorite designers is Milly because of the great shapes, colors, and patterns. I also love that you can dress your little one in their Milly Minis pieces. Below are some of my favorite contenders for wedding guest attire. Which one is your favorite?