Happy Friday!! This week has been a tad busy because I have been babysitting my niece, Camilla while her preschool is closed for vacation. It has been extremely fun to have two children (under the age of 3 years and 3 months), and I am going to miss Camilla when she is back in school. I have learned so much about Camilla and her personality and I am grateful for these fun memories.

It is very special to see the love Camilla already has for Lillian. Seeing the two of them together reaffirms the sisterhood of the traveling middle name that we created with Miss Lillian July. I texted Caitlin that we miss our Clementine- the lynchpin of this entire equation. She is back at preschool after being with Lillian and me a few days last week. In January, Lillian will start at the same preschool-- we are looking forward to having them together again!

Camilla's nickname is Poppy and Lillian's nickname is Tunie and when the two of them are together, I swear, it is like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler! They make one another laugh and are so endearing. I can get Camilla to pretty much do anything if I simply say, "Tunie wants you to drink your milk or clean up or go to the park". 

Stay tuned for more from these future YouTube sensations-- I feel like we will be seeing their names in lights soon!

Have a great weekend!


caroline curran