Happy Tuesday!! Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! It meant so much to read your sweet texts, emails, posts, and even a few snail mail cards! Like I said yesterday, this is the first year that I am not returning to school! But that doesn't mean I can't shop for back to school sneakers!

I remember my mom would take us all shopping for our white school shoes every August. After those had barely survived the first semester, we would then get another new pair in January before returning for spring. I can vividly recall how excited I was when I got to high school and we could wear ANY pair of shoes we wanted!!! Okay, so maybe not any pair-- it had to be closed-toe-- but still, we felt alive in our vibrant colored Pumas!

Here are some of the pairs I have my eye on for fall. I especially love the Kate Spade plaid slip-ons. Speaking of Kate Spade plaid: it is VERY cool to see all of the fall pieces in store because it reminds me of my memorable experience at their presentation at New York Fashion Week (see my post on that here)!

I hope everyone has a great night!


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