Happy Wedding season!! Although many of you might feel that this year's wedding season is coming to a close after weeks of weddings, I cannot help but feel like it is just beginning. My youngest sister Claire is getting married in just a few short weeks and the countdown is officially on!! Our summer was surprisingly wedding-free and Claire and Mike's nuptials mark the start of the four weddings we have in the next couple of months!

I'm especially grateful for the fortunate timing because we were able to enjoy our Summer of Lillian and not have to make the really tough decision about leaving our darling newborn home to attend weddings. 

I have shared a few posts before about Claire and Mike (read my post about their proposal here and check out some of the engagement photos that Jesse took here) so I thought it was appropriate to give an update on them! Do not worry --They are still very much in love and cannot wait to get married.

In preparation for their big day, my sisters, mother and I hosted a shower in Claire's honor at Il Fornio in Levi's Plaza. This venue is one of our go-tos for parties because we love their Bella Vista private room, friendly staff, festive location, and menu options. In fact, we even had my wedding shower there three years ago.

We hosted 25 of our closest friends for a family style Italian dinner. I won't get too much into the party details but we had a Cher performance, heartfelt speeches, and a game to see just how well Mike and Claire know each other. Oh yeah-- that's right-- we asked Mike to surprise Claire at the shower for a little trivia.

I wrote down questions and gave one to each guest. Claire and Mike had to write their answers to the questions on dry erase boards and show the group their answers. For the very last question I said, "Now this final question will determine if you are meant to be together forever. Answer the question, show your answer to one another and if it is correct, KISS!!!" Well you can see from the photos above that they are a perfect match! And we all learned that Claire's favorite flower is a lily!! 

Event Details:

Restaurant: Il Fornio, Bella Vista Room at Levi's Plaza

Desserts: Lil' Pies from Sift Dessert Bar

Flowers: JPH Designs

Soon to Be Sign: Etsy - Wedding Banner Love Shop

Claire's Fascinator Hat: Amazon