Going through old photos trying to find one to share for my sturdy 30 post, I stumbled upon this one and it immediately caught my eye. I could not help but think to myself, wow! my style has not changed since I was three years old: feminine, delicate, tights with flats, a bow in my hair-- the only thing missing is a bold lipstick.

I have my mom and Nana to thank for my style. Passed from my Nana to my mom to her daughters and now to Lillian, Camilla, and Clementine, you will see us in classic pieces. A lot of my stylish friends have stylish moms and grandmas (I'm looking at you Jenna and Natalie). But more than just a great closet, style is really all about how you wear it.

 I gotta tell you- yesterday I wore a nursing tank from Target, a black long sleeve t-shirt from Old Navy with a whole in the armpit and some odd pair of leggings that I think are Colleen's from when she went skiing a few years ago, and I felt amazing. Because of some of the things I share on this blog, someone might have seen my outfit and thought I was wearing a James Perse top, Kenzo Leggings, and a La Perla bra. What I am trying to say is that the labels don't matter, all that matters is that you're smiling, nice to others, polite, laughing, and happy.

I am grateful to my Nana, mom, sisters, and friends who influence my style, but more importantly inspire me to love life!


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