HAPPY MONDAY! HAPPY WEDDING WEEK CLAIRE & MICHAEL!!!!! We have been waiting for this week for a very long time!! We are looking forward to celebrating our Caboose and her Italian prince this week!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! We had a great time at the Curran-Cresci Wedding Orientation on Friday. I volunteered to provide dinner and made steak skewers, salmon burgers, chicken, a zesty quinoa salad, and an arugula salad with blue cheese and apples! It was delicious. On Saturday Lillian and I joined Jesse up in wine country at his team event and on Sunday we went for a walk and had a lot of three musketeer time! Life is good. 

Here are some of the products I am loving right now!

  1. Infant Mobile-- Perfect over the changing table. I have found that when we had it over the crib it was too stimulating for Lillian and she wanted to play instead of doze off.
  2. Travel Mobile-- Perfect to attach to the stroller or car seat.
  3. Noodle & Boo Wipes-- Love the smell of these wipes.
  4. Skwish Classic Ratte- Buy this immediately for your baby or as a present! It is a must-have!
  5. Manhattan Toy Teething Toy- Just ordered this on Amazon and I will let you know if we like it.
  6. Pottery Barn Stroller Blankets- I think we have 5 or 6 (okay, maybe a few more) of these blankets. Some have been gifts and I have purchased the rest because I am a blanket hoarder. I even bought this one in blue for if/when we have a boy. The only one we don't have is the pink one and I might just have to get it because I love them so much.
  7. Lulujo Muslin Blankets - Light and breathable for when baby starts putting everything in his mouth. The prints are my favorite!! I am in love with this brand.
  8. Wimmer Ferguson Playmat-- We love this developmental play mat and cannot wait for Lillian to play with it a little bit more when she is older.
  9. Stokke Carrier- We tried every carrier and finally settled on this Stokke Carrier because we found it was the most comfortable. Please, new moms. Make sure you get a carrier- any type that you like. It is a life saver!!!
  10. Vornado Heater: Although we've had warm San Francisco nights, this heater has been great on the cold, windy afternoons and will be invaluable on the cold San Francisco nights. It has all of the safety features you could ever want!
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