I have been dreaming of this Dolce & Gabbana coat since I first saw it. Luckily for my sake I had forgotten about it amidst the recent months of new motherhood. It is expensive. I mean too expensive to even say out loud. Some of the prices of fashion pieces are too horrible to even speak and I like to call those Voldermort pieces (a small aside: I follow JK Rowling on Twitter, which I highly recommend because she always responds to fans' crazy theories and it keeps the series alive. But, it recently came out that Voldemort should actually be pronounced differently than everyone thought. The 'T' is silent).

Well, like Voldemort I hope this coat appears in a few years at a consignment store for $150. That is what I will be hoping for. It is so classic that it will always be in style. I mean if someone is crazy enough to buy it then they must be crazy enough to get rid of it, right?

Here are some other favorites from Dolce & Gabbana.

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