Timbuk2 femme 

Timbuk2 femme 

One // Fall boots are a must! Although, living in San Francisco we buy boots for year-round style. But since retailers and brands live in places that have seasons, fall is when we will see new styles in stores. Some of my favorites include local designer Anyi Lu (last seen here and here). I love the Amber, but also there is a special place in my heart for the Callie since that is our family dog's name.

Two // La Boulange is officially closing today, as we speak, in Noe Valley. Honestly that place has been my home away from home these past few months. It was my savior when I was in grad school and especially when I was pregnant with Lillian. A few weeks ago Jesse and I were walking up the hill toward it and in the distance I saw a poster on the front door and screamed, "NOOOOOO!" and went and hugged the pillar. I was telling Jesse that I was going to be like one of those people who chained themselves to trees to try and save them. As I am screaming this I look over and see two employees sitting outside enjoying a drink and they wanted to let me know that they were closing at 4pm until the final date of the 17th. It was a small relief. But now the day has come and I am sad and want to binge eat Boulange chocolate croissants. Oh wait- I never will be able to again!!!!

Three // But alas, there is another restaurant in Noe Valley, NOVY. It is on my San Francisco big eats list. I will be going there very soon!

Four // I love Timbuk2 because it is an iconic San Francisco brand and I absolutely love the custom diaper bag I designed before Lillian was born (see here). I am super excited that they launched a new line FEMME. Featuring high-end, all-leather designs, elevated interior liners soft to the touch and easy on the eyes, and custom exaggerated hardware, the line marks Timbuk2’s inaugural entry into the women’s fashion arena. These bags are for people on the go- they transition from commute to work seamlessly.

Five // The book that is on the top of my reading list is The Martian by Andy Weir. I have it sitting on my night stand but every time I get in bed my eyes are too heavy to even open it. I am hoping to read a little bit this weekend by the pool.

Six // I have always loved Nars products but I recently discovered their lip pencils. I don't know if you shop at Sephora but that is where I get most of my beauty products. I am a VIB Rouge Insider and earn points that I can use towards their free gifts. But the best thing is the birthday gift they give you. I have been wanting this since they introduced it in January! Celebrating 30 meant that I could finally receive my gift. But guess what- I actually go two! My sister used my account one day and they gave her the free gift, but she didn't tell me that. When I a few weeks ago to stock up on the essentials (Make Up Forever, Hope in a Jar, Bumble and Bumble Hair Dressers Oil) they said I had already claimed the birthday gift on Union Street. I told her that wasn't me (cue my favorite Shaggy song) and I don't know if it was because she could feel my honesty or if it was that I had Lillian with me, but the very nice lady gave me the gift. I texted Claire and she said she had claimed the gift and was had been meaning to give it to me. Happy Birthday to me!

Seven // I love getting one great fall sweater that I wear almost every day. Last year I had my favorite Brochu Walker black and beige sweater. This year I am thinking about this Vince wool sweater coat. But let's get back to reality here. I'll probably go with this more affordable option.

Eight // With a little more than three months with our Little Miss Lillian I think much to Jesse's dismay I am thinking it is time to update the nursery. I know, I know it sounds crazy but when About.Com asked to feature our nursery we moved quickly to get something done. It was fine up until recently when we moved Lillian from our room to her room. I wanted to take frames off of the wall for safety reasons in the event of an earthquake and now I am realizing we need thicker curtains to black out more light. Oh, and the rug sheds a little bit too much.  Stay tuned for more!

Nine // I got a lot of emails and feedback about my experience at DayOne Baby and the post I did on it. I wanted to share that there is a Working Moms meet up on Saturdays before the store opens from 9:30-10:00am. I think it is great because you can connect with moms if you have gone back to work. Check out their schedule here.

Ten // Is this Asos dress calling my name or what??

Have a great day!


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