Happy Wednesday!! If you have been following Perfect 10 SF on Instagram recently you might have noticed that I have been posting more square photos of gems I have discovered around my Noe Valley neighborhood. Aside from my bi-weekly visits to DayOne Baby (read my post here), occasional visits to Jesse's office, and my oh-so-favorite drive down 280 to Palo Alto, Lillian and I have been hanging around Noe Valley. We love going for morning walks to 24th Street and grabbing a cup of coffee (okay, so maybe not coffee per se, more like hot chocolate. I just feel like a 6th grader when I get a HC. Actually the 6th graders these days order vanilla lattes with an extra shot).

One of the newer gems in Noe Valley is Novy Restaurant. While the construction might be new, the family behind the restaurant is not. From the Novy website: 

In 1977, John Gianaras purchased the L&F Corner Market and turned it into a casual dining restaurant named Panos’ (after his father.) In 1988, newlyweds John and Vi expanded and remodeled the space into a fine-dining California-Greek restaurant. They operated the ever-popular Panos' for a total of 20 years. Flash-forward 17 years... the Gianaras family has reclaimed the space, with daughters Kristen and Kathryn running the show. This time around, NOVY offers a casual and affordable menu of California cuisine that is fresh, local and organic whenever possible. All of our beer & wine is on tap to do our part in eliminating waste. NOVY, our nickname for Noe Valley, is again a family-owned, neighborhood restaurant that strives to provide a fun and comfortable yet sophisticated dining experience.

Novy is the perfect example of what makes San Francisco natives so great. My dad knows John and Vi Gianaras from San Francisco real estate and I have known Kristen for years. Their family is so thoughtful, hard-working and talented. I love that city people are creating city restaurants.

Jesse and I have had a visit to Novy on our to-do list for quite some time. We are actually hoping to go this weekend between all of the parties we have for brunch. I cannot wait to try their burger!! If you ever are looking for a great date night, head to Noe Valley and be sure to try Novy!