Happy Thursday! I recently shared a post (here) about how we chose Lillian's name. Jesse and I both agreed on the name early on and decided it would be best to keep it to ourselves. We truly feel like it was the perfect pick for her and it is fun to see her bring such life to the name-- it was meant to be her name and I cannot imagine anything else for her. Plus, I monogramed so much stuff I guess you could say we were locked into the name! :) 

While I love Miss Lillian, I also love hearing her cousins call her Tunie (short for Petunia Pedersen). Camilla, Clementine, and Lillian are all best friends and I cannot wait to see their friendship and sisterhood grow over the years ahead.

I have had the privilege of meeting so many wonderful new moms and their new babies. I wanted to share some of the names of babies I have met!

Boys: Thomas, Miles, Benjamin, Zachary, Hudson, Linus

Girls: Emerson, Lily, Natalie, Annie, Avery, Adison

Which names do you like? Email me at


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