Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a nice weekend!! It was a busy weekend with back to back to back to back parties!! Just when you think summer is over and you'll have a little break from parties, your mailbox and inbox is full with beautiful invitations and Paperless post invites. We have a lot more parties this fall to celebrate the exciting occasions in friends' and family members' lives. Since Lillian has been born, I swear, we have had a party almost every Friday and Saturday night. Jesse and I used to bring her with us because we weren't quite ready to leave her with a sitter, I had to feed her, but most importantly, everyone wanted to see her. Now that she is older--almost four months-- and her sleep schedule is more regular with a bedtime anywhere from 6:30-8:00pm it makes the most sense for her to stay home and get a good night's sleep.

I have gotten quite a few emails over the past couple of weeks and thought I could answer a few of them here in a Reddit type way. You can always contact me at, Twitter or Instagram.

Q & A 

  1. Why do you always write about Claire so much? Is she your favorite sister? Ha! I laughed out loud when I read this question because at first I thought it might be Claire emailing me with this question. In our Curran Family we always vie for the distinction of favorite child and favorite sibling. If I had my druthers I would write about all of my siblings. I would love to feature all of them, what they are up to, their fashionable outfits (especially Danny because he is the most stylish out of all of us), and even have them write a few guest posts. The only problem is that they are all too busy. I have been encouraging Danny to start his own blog for quite some time and not just because he is also a Perfect 10, but because he has a lot to say about being the only male child in a family of five. I was writing a lot about Claire because I love her, but also because of her wedding (see the post about her shower here). I mean, she is the baby of our family and it was a momentous occasion for our family but also for a lot of people who have known her since before she was born! Also, Caitlin and Colleen work in non-profits and we agreed it was best to not write too much personal information about them.
  2. What is your favorite restaurant in San Francisco? My absolute favorite restaurant in the city is Beretta, although it has been a while since Jesse and I have gone out to dinner and so my choice is a few years old. I am hoping to dine about town more in the fall with the cooler weather. I love throwing on a long knit sweater or a peacoat with boots and grabbing an early dinner in the fall then coming home and watching a documentary on Netflix. We have mostly been hanging around Noe Valley so my go-to spot is Novy (see my post on them here).
  3. Why is your blog called Perfect 10 SF? I get asked this question A LOT! And it is not because I think I am a Perfect 10, but because of my size 10 shoe. You can read more about that on my About Page!
  4. When are you going back to work? I have been asked this question by almost everyone I have seen since Lillian was born. And frankly, I have a hard time answering it because I have been working since she was born on Perfect 10 SF and other freelance writing assignments and social media accounts that I manage. I guess the best way to answer is that Lillian will start daycare three days in January and I will be with her two days a week.
  5. What is your favorite thing to do in San Francisco? Honestly, it is walk. Just walk and walk and walk. I would much rather walk than sit at a restaurant for happy hour drinks. I love walking around neighborhoods and popping in to stores and discovering new shops and visiting my favorites. I love walking in Golden Gate Park and the Embarcadero.
  6. What is a typical day like for you? I will be dedicating an entire post to this soon. I have a lot of posts I am working on!! Stay tuned!
  7. How do you make money from your blog? I have been meaning to write this post for a while so please be hang tight! :) This is a question I get asked regularly and really want to share!
  8. You used to write about shoes, then fashion, then pregnancy and now it seems like you right a lot more about your family and Jesse. What's that about? This question made me laugh too and I thought it was Jesse!! AHHAAHAH. We talk about Perfect 10 SF frequently and he has suggested numerous times that I should have a focus and be a specialist in a particular genre. I hear what he is saying but in this case I disagree. I just write whatever, whenever I want! Isn't that what blogs are for?! A creative outlet! Perfect 10 SF has evolved and been a reflection of where I have been in my life at the time. I absolutely LOVED writing about my pregnancy and I LOVE writing about parenting stuff but do not want to sound preachy or like a know-it-all. We have been extremely fortunate to have received great support from our families and from DayOne baby and Lillian has been a dream. As a result I have been able to learn so much about newborns, development and what research shows to be effective. For a split second I thought about being a lactation consultant but then realized my skill set is far better suited to be more of a lactation coach! I have made this position up myself! Essentially it is someone who you call to give you support during those first few weeks of breastfeeding to cheer for you and support you to stick with it.
  9. I want to start a blog. What should I do? Wowza. I have LOADS of information for you! I will write a post on this soon!
  10. What exactly does BuildingConnected do? I frequently write about Jesse's company BuildingConnected. Here is the best way to describe it- they are an online tool to streamline the bid management process for general contractors and sub-contractors. Commercial construction projects are big and expensive undertakings for general contractors. They hire dozens of sub-contractors-- lighting, hvac, painting, electricity, etc.-- to complete the work. GCs invite subs to bid on a project they would like to work on. GCs receive the bids and decide who to work with based on a number of factors. BuildingConnected helps facilitate the bid management, messaging, pre-qualification, analytics and more. Hard to believe, but prior to BuildingConnected companies were sending loooong faxes back and forth to one another! Ouch! BuildingConnected helps save time, energy, money, and trees!!

Hope you enjoyed! Send me your questions! Have a great week!