Happy Tuesday! I have been thinking about writing this post about my dear friend Caroline for quite some time and decided on sharing it today because it is Caroline's last day as a lactation consultant at DayOne Baby, as she is moving to a new position at the brand new Mills Peninsula Hospital in Millbrae. 

I mentioned Caroline in my previous post about DayOne (you can read it here) and said I would dedicate a post just to her. Now you are probably thinking that I have gone a little looney, am desperate for content, or need to make some new friends. Sorry to disappoint, none of those are why I am writing about Caroline.

On Thursday, June 11, when Lillian was just five days old, Jesse and I went to DayOne Baby for a lactation consultation, where we serendipitiously met Caroline. With her all-white outfit, red nails, and Irish accent, I felt as if I was in the presence of an Irish relative. Caroline hails from Ireland and honestly whenever I meet someone from the motherland I feel like we are related. Like I always do, I tried striking up a conversation and asking questions about her. Caroline was sweet but wanted to get to business and she began asking me questions. 

Although the appointment was an hour, Caroline met with the three of us for over an hour answering all of our questions, educating us, giving us support, and assuring us that things were looking great. Fast forward four months and I found myself with Lillian in Caroline's office yesterday. We went to say our goodbyes and give a final hug and well wishes. I felt as if things had come full-circle and it felt so bittersweet.

I cannot over emphasize the profound impact Caroline has had on my journey into motherhood. I am not exaggerating when I say that Lillian is happy and healthy because of the guidance I have received from Caroline through our consultation, conversations at the breastfeeding support group she ran, and during the three Mommy & Me six week courses she facilitated. Seeing Caroline weekly was always a highlight and I am grateful for the special bond we formed-- I guess others must have taken note because when they heard that she was leaving DayOne Baby they texted and emailed asking how I was doing!!

I have been particularly blessed to have grown up with amazing women in my life- my mother, her friends, my sisters, and my friends. I have had the privilege of being mentored and supported through all phases of my life. Like all of my mentors, Caroline's love, knowledge, wit, care, and authenticity allowed me to thrive. When people ask how motherhood is going I can honestly say amazing because of the smooth beginning Lillian had. Caroline has brought out the best of me as a mother and has helped me reach my full potential and I am forever grateful.

I am not the only one to feel this way about Caroline! Read some of the amazing reviews she has received here! If you are expecting a baby, have a newborn, or need additional support breastfeeding, I urge you to contact her!!