ONE: This week has been a great exercise week for me! It was the first time in three months that I did something besides walking and YouTube videos at home. Wednesday I took the Yoga Class at Day One Baby (read my post about my favorite place here) and went for run that afternoon and on Thursday I went with my friend Jill to the Mommy and Me Pilates at Pilates ProWorks on Union. OUCH! That class was awesome but I am so sore! During some moves I was thinking to myself, "THIS IS HARDER THAN LABOR!" (read my labor story here if you don't believe me.

TWO: Labor Day plans, y'all? Looking forward to getting in a pool. This will be my first time in a pool post baby. Oh wait, that's wrong. I've been in the pool twice since Lillian was born. I absolutely love swimming and cannot wait to swim some laps at UCSF and take her to swim lessons at La Petite Baleen.

THREE: Rompers, rompers, rompers. I'm a blogger so I need one of these, right? I've stayed away from the trend because pre-baby it didn't flatter me. But my youngest sister Claire gave me a romper that didn't fit her quite right and I tried it on and I love it! Post-baby bodies are definitely different and while many women might feel sad or disappointed, I see it as a way to try new trends! This is a romper I have my eye on- so cute!

FOUR: This posts seems to be a lot about "firsts in a while" and add 'getting a pedicure post-baby' to that list! I was able to dash over to the local nail salon-- there are about 12 in the Noe Valley area, all within a 10 block radius-- and get my first pedicure post baby (I felt like Jim Carey).

FIVE: Thank you to everyone for reading the post about my siblings (here, if you missed it). It was definitely a crowd favorite and I think that is because everyone loves my parents, especially my mom. If you would like to come join my sisters, mom and me for a special event on Tuesday, September 15 at the Merchant's Exchange Club you can hear speaker Cindy Solomon.  I'll be there from 7:30-9:30am!

SIX: I am currently reading/ skimming/ perusing two of my favorite books- "Secrets of the Baby Whisper" by Tracy Hogg and "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" by Dr. Marc Weissbluth. These two books have been influential in how Jesse and I have supported Lillian these first three months and I highly recommend them to expecting and new parents.

SEVEN: In just two weekends a great exhibit will open at the Legion and I cannot wait to check it out: "Breguet: Art and Innovation in Watchmaking". Who wants to join?

EIGHT: Did you see Google's new logo? New font and bolder colors. I thought this YouTube video showing the evolution of the logo and the company was really fascinating. I wish Facebook would do something similar so we could see the first version of their site and bring us back to our college days.

NINE: Yesterday my friends Kathleen and Rachael surprised me with a cookie from Spruce on Sacramento Street. It was so sweet of them! The cookie was delicious, not to mention enormous! Spruce is known for their burger but I am thinking that everyone has it wrong-- the cookies are where it's at. Be sure you grab one the next time you're in that area!

TEN: Last but not least, PITCH PERFECT 2 in on iTUNES!!!! Who is coming over this weekend and next weekend and the following weekends to watch it???

Hope everyone has a great long weekend! A special shoutout to Caitlin-- three years ago she went into labor on Labor Day weekend!!!


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