HAPPY FRIDAY!! TGIF! I hope everyone has some fun weekend plans!! I usually re-cap our weekends on my Monday posts but I thought I would do something a little different and share my to-do list for the weekend! Here are the things we have going on this weekend!

  1. Saturday walk to the Ferry Building and Brunch with friends.
  2. Wash, fold and store all of the clothes that Lillian has already outgrown! I did this with her newborn clothes and now it is time to do it with her 0-3 months clothes!
  3. Recycle hangers from the cleaners. I cleaned out our closets and found a gazillon metal hangers and plastic wrap from old dry cleaning pick-ups. I was great about collecting them and putting them in a box in a kitchen and they have been there all week. I thought about recycling them but thought it would make more sense to return them to the dry cleaners.
  4. Fort Funston hike with the family. Jesse and I love putting Lillian in the Stokke Carrier we have and going for hikes! Our favorite hike is off of 280 but I think we will head to the beach this weekend. 
  5. Organize storage in the garage. Luckily we do not have too much stuff down there but the system has gotten a little whacky and needs to be redesigned.
  6. See Claire and Mike! They just got home from their honeymoon today!
  7. Eat a yummy meal! Honestly, I am thinking about ordering pizza right now. We will probably go to brunch on Sunday. My favorite brunch spots are Serpentine and Universal Cafe.
  8. Jump in the pool! I think we might take Lillian to the gym and go swimming! We will see. I try not to overthink it because then I will get grossed out by how dirty it is and then I won't want to take her in there.
  9. Not go shopping. Not buy anything online. Did you see what I am doing for the month of October? Read here!
  10. Rent a movie!! 
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