Happy Monday!! This week marks the last week that I will be home with Lillian full-time before she starts day care next Tuesday!! Jesse and I are very excited for her to start and know that it will be a wonderful experience for her-- I can just picture her now making new friends!! I have heard that when babies start daycare or school for the first time they are pretty much sick for the first two weeks straight because their immune system has not been exposed to all of the different germs. Sooooo....being mentally prepared for that makes me feel a little bit better. Lillian has never been sick but I think she has a great immune system (like me) because she has been around a lot of people since the very beginning.

I forgot to mention that on New Year's Eve we noticed that Lillian had a tooth coming in! Honestly when I saw it peeping through I was so excited and oddly enough, so moved that I almost started to tear up. I cannot really explain why but it might have been with the fact that it was a little bit surprising. Miss Lillian did not even fuss when it was coming in. I was so surprised because I had heard horror stories of teething and children barely getting through it.

The past few days her second tooth has started to come in and that one was a little bit tougher for her. I was laughing and explaining to Jesse that it is similar to getting your ears pierced. What, what? Yes, I remember it vividly. Going to Claire's Accessories at Stonestown with my mom and Caitlin to get our ears pieced and being sooooo excited! Basically, I remember watching Caitlin going first and just watching her. She handled it so well and got off of the elevated chair and said it hurt. I was up and I remember thinking to myself, "omgosh omgosh omgosh this is going to hurt!!!" then they took the ear-piercing gun and shot my ear! I remember the burning sensation and my ear turning red. I thought to myself, "oh that wasn't so bad!" Before I knew it, she was getting ready to shoot my second ear and this time I was ready. I could handle this. But actually that one hurt a million times more because I was thinking it was not going to be so bad! And I am pretty sure this is what is happening to Lillian with her teeth. I think the worst of it is over for her with these two teeth and she will be looking toothy in her photos soon!

I was looking at my recent blog posts and Instagram photos and all of it centers around Miss Lillian and Noe Valley. With the fatigue from the holidays, combined with the rainy weather and preparation for day care it seems like my thoughts and focus has been pretty narrow. I am looking forward to ramping up with more fresh content and posts. I really felt like New Year's Eve snuck up on me and I did not have enough time to prepare for the fresh start of the year. I told Jesse that I wanted to celebrate January 31 aka Justin Timberlake's birthday as New Year's Eve: Part II and start all of our resolutions February 1st (you can see all of my resolutions here-- all of them are going well so far except for the Justin Bieber one).

I am also excited to say that I have launched Curran Creative, a boutique marketing agency and will be sharing more about that at a later date! 2016 really is going to be a great year!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my posts, emailing me and being so supportive. I am looking forward to lots of great adventures and memories in the year ahead!


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