I love parties! Always have, always will. To me a party is pretty much all about attitude and being in the party mindset and willing and ready to have a good time. I also love throwing parties and have made it a personal hobby of mine to create a rolodex in my head of the best private party spots in San Francisco. Some of these I have been to for events or just had dinner and it clicked and then it was stored in the rolodex. I have had fun assisting with Jesse's holiday parties the past two years and the mad search to find and secure a spot added a few more locations to the list.

Here are some of my favorite spots:

Mission Rock Resort

Magnolia SmokeStack

Don Pistos

El Techo

il Fornio


Mission Bowling Club

Places I want to visit and see if I like them:

Cavalier (dying to have a party in Marianne's Room!!)

Public Works (going there this week for a party)

Epic Roasthouse

I would love to hear others' suggestions for party spots!!


Even if I am not buying these pretty party shoes I can still share them, right?

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