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I have been very excited to share some thoughts on my career for some time now, but after my post on Monday where I (casually) announced the recent launch of Curran Creative that incited a flood of emails and texts saying, "wait, what?!". Yes, I do have a tendency to just do things and then people have to hear about them after the fact on my blog (sorry, Jenna! I know you will be like why didn't you tell me this?!).

Yes, I can see why people were wondering about the how and why of this new company, especially after I just graduated from a three year masters program in Marriage and Family Counseling. Everyone thinks that I always wanted to be a counselor and that is not entirely true. When I was working in education I was eager to obtain a masters degree to enable me to have more professional opportunities and possibly work as a high school administrator (would I have worn Louboutins to work, I'm not quite sure). I looked at all of the programs at USF and immediately knew that Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy was the one for me for a couple of reasons. First, I have always loved psychology and because of my exposure in AP Psych my senior year of high school and my 5 on the AP test, I felt confident and curious. Second, and probably most importantly, I loved that there were many career paths available with this degree: counselor in a school, starting a private practice, workshop presenter, community manager, and more.

Had I not serendipitously launched Perfect 10 SF and had the opportunity to learn new skills I probably would be working in a school right now-- that was my career trajectory. And it can be hard to get out of the education industry because summers are great, but mostly because other industries are frequently unable to see how skills can transfer. 

I have learned a lot about marketing, business development, contracts, negotiations, design, photography, interviewing and more because of my blog. I have also, at first unknowingly, created a portfolio of my skills and abilities which is infinitely more valuable than anything I could say in a cover letter.

"So, whoopie di do, Caroline! What does this all mean? Sounds like you're just saying how great your blog is." Oops, sorry-- not trying to do that! What I am trying to say is that for my entire life the two skills that have led me through the most incredible professional and personal adventures are creativity and problem solving. Everything I enjoy doing and truly feel passionate about enables me to flex these skills.

And through everything I have learned so much and want to share it with readers. I talk pretty much weekly with my mom and sisters about our career paths, goals, and visions. We mentor one another, provide feedback, and support one another through it all. This inspired me to add more content to my site and I am thrilled to announce I will be launching a PERFECT PROFESSIONAL series in which I share information, tips, and tools to help guide women through the process of professional growth. I will also be introducing women who have their own businesses and share their stories. I CANNOT WAIT!!

I previously shared my resolutions for 2016 in this post. I also find it is extremely important to have professional resolutions, so here are mine for 2016:

  1. Move from 'Beginner" to 'Intermediate' at Sketch. At Christmas dinner we answered questions from Table Topics (a great gift by the way) and one of the questions was if money was not an option what career would you have. I have always wanted to be a graphic designer and as I was out walking the other night I thought there is absolutely NOTHING stopping me from doing this except for my failure to start! So this is my goal for the year!
  2. Attend the events I RSVP to. I am very grateful to be invited to events and always love attending. However during the last few weeks of my pregnancy and the last seven months being home with Lillian I have barely attended any events. More recently I RSVP 'yes' and end up not going for various reasons. I need to stop doing that! They are great ways to meet people and network and I cannot wait to get back out there! 
  3. Host an event to support a non-profit. Philanthropy is extremely important to me and I cannot wait to give back this year.
  4. Attend a conference. I would love to attend a conference to add to my knowledge base. Going to research some now!
  5. Organize my business finances. Having my own company requires a lot of organization of finances and I want to stay on top of them!

Thank you so much for your support and questions and emails! Contact me at if you need anything!


Ps- the image above is not my desk. I don't even have a desk or office! I usually work on our couch or in bed. :)

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