I am not quite sure the first time I saw one of those :30 second videos that show you how to make quick recipes but after seeing just one I knew my life would never be the same. My absolute guilty pleasure is sitting on my phone watching video after video right before bed. Okay, and sometimes when Lillian is napping. Do you even know what videos I am talking about????

I am pretty sure it is because I am such a visual person and the videos are so appealing and make everything look so easy! The bird's-eye view ones are my favorite!! One of my friend's mom shared one on Facebook a while ago and I watched it and now they are always in my newsfeed and I am like OMG, go away, but don't actually. The best ones are the videos that are the unhealthy ones! I know there are so many great and healthy and classy videos out there but for some reason these are the ones that really speak to me!! 

Here are some of the videos I am talking about! Enjoy, but don't say I didn't warn you. #addicting PS- You'll want to mute the music.


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