Happy Friday! As a follow-up to yesterday's (surprisingly popular) post about unhealthy food videos that I love to watch, I thought it was appropriate to share a healthy alternative!!! 

But this is not just any place!!! I am beyond thrilled to share that my best friend since 7th grade Andie and her older sister Kara are opening a restaurant in Presidio Heights. As Quoted is a community eatery offering approachable, seasonal, farm-to-table cuisine. 

Andie and Kara are as talented as they are modest and it has taken everything in me to not share their story, vision and plans with everyone on here. But after this SF Eater article came out yesterday, I felt like I could finally share! I know everyone will be lining up to try this place and I cannot wait for them to open in a few weeks! I hope you will join me when I go for the first time.

With Andie's culinary background and Kara's architectural background, opening a restaurant together has always been on their to-do list, but they were just waiting for the right time and space. Like everything the Yamagami sisters do, As Quoted leaves no detail forgotten and is basically flawless! I cannot gush enough about how talented these two are and how wonderful the food, space, and experience is going to be.

Stay tuned for more details on their opening day and recipes soon! In the meantime, check out their website and follow them on Instagram! Also, you can drive by and see what is going on! As Quoted is located at 3613 Sacramento Street between Locust and Spruce.


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