In just a little bit, Jesse and I are heading out to drop our Little Miss Lillian off at daycare! I mentioned in yesterday's post that I have been at home with Lillian for the past seven months and it has been wonderful. But, with the launch of Curran Creative and my passion for professional growth and desire to be a working mom, it is time for her to join the other kiddos!

Being on maternity leave has been an absolute dream and I think I will have moments of "where is my daughter?" because I am so used to the two of us being together. I have a loooong list of things I want to do today and I am curious to see how efficient I can be!

Preparing for daycare has been fun! It reminds me of the first day of school after a long, wonderful summer. I had to prepare a bag packed with: diapers, bottles, milk, sheet, blanket, extra set of clothes, bib, and there is probably some other stuff she needs that I am forgetting!

I have been getting help from friends and advice from my sister Caitlin. Since my niece Clementine is enrolled at this daycare too (it's how we selected it), we are all planning to meet at drop-off! I cannot wait to see the look on Clementine's face when she realizes that her Tunie girl is at daycare with her!

The biggest tip Caitlin gave me was to dress Lillian in clothes that are okay to get messy. Basically, she said leave the Kate Spade clothes at home. Caitlin said that she always drops her daughters off looking put together with their hair brushed, a big bow, and a big smile. By the time pickup rolls around there are stains all over their clothes and their hair is a mess. I am going to take Caitlin's advice, but not for the first day! You can only make a first impression one! Hahah! Especially when it comes to babies. 

I found a few items that I think will be great for Miss Lillian from Gap Baby on sale- I feel like they are durable, adorable, and affordable! Here are some of my favorites!