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Today is my sister Colleen's birthday! Can you spot her in the photo above? Well, of course you can because she is the only brunette in the family. Almost everyone asks her if she dyes her hair and you can see from this photo from circa 1991 that she has always been a brownie! I am not sure if I have shared this photo before but it is one of my absolute favorites and it captures our childhood perfectly. Looking at this gang you can see how close we are and how most of our memories were from piling in the brown minivan with faux wood paneling and going for an adventure! A lot of people also ask what was it like for Danny having four sisters. You can see from the photo that he was always calm, cool and collected (it looks like he is sort of channeling Steph Curry here).

I wanted to wish Colleen a HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Here are some fun things you might not know about Colleen:

  1. She is the best at celebrity voice impressions, accents, and sound effects. She is really great at movie and tv show quotes. Phoebe Buffet of Friends is her specialty.
  2. She majored in Theater Arts and knows how to do stage make-up like zombies, knows how to sword fight, and can paint backdrops.
  3. She is the only one who studied abroad. She spent a summer in Ireland.
  4. She loves to cook and loves making everything from scratch.
  5. She started juicing before there was an entire industry around it!!! She started the craze!
  6. She has more Kate Spade jewelry than a Kate Spade store.
  7. She loves hiking and biking.
  8.  She can shoot a basketball right and left-handed.
  9. She worked at Magnolia Bakery in Grand Central Station and loves baking custom cakes with fondant and other crazy designs.
  10. When she is not driving me crazy, she is my best friend!