Happy Happy Happy Happy Friday!! I hope everyone had a great week! 2016 has been off to a great start and I am excited about all of the work, adventures, and festivities coming up! I always love sharing my Perfect 10 SF Picks because there are always so many great things that catch my eye and I want to share.

One // I recently started following @caitlinwilsondesign on Instagram and I am so inspired. I love her taste and love that she is from the Bay Area. I love this bathroom, this wall paper and you cannot go wrong with any of her fabric prints, especially the buffalo check.

Two // Today is my mom and dad's 39th Wedding Anniversary!! Happy Anniversary to them!! Love them both so much and am grateful they have shown my siblings and me what a great marriage is like!

Three // We are celebrating Colleen's birthday this weekend and I got her this huge parfum piggy bank from Z Gallerie. I will take a picture and share because you have to see it! I love it! (Don't worry, she does not read my blog and will be surprised when she opens it). I love stuff like this and it reminds me of the piggy bank Claire got me last Christmas- sadly, it broke last week!

Four // One of our friends is having her birthday party at the Escape Room and it sounds so fun! Unfortunately we are unable to make it but it sounds like a cool place to check out!

Five // I have been wanting to check out Sushi Ran in Sausalito for some time and am hoping, crossing my fingers to go this weekend or next weekend. Maybe I can try and go during the week? It looks so delicious!

Six // I have gone to the gym two days this week and I am sooo sore! I have mostly been focusing on lifting weights and stretching. It is incredible how weak I feel! Hard to believe that I have not really lifted weights in over a year! I am ready to get back to it!

Seven // BuildingConnected has a new logo which means new t-shirts. I have been rocking my BC shirt and polo all week! Check it out on their site. Let me know if you want a shirt!

Eight // Looks like tonight is a Shark Tank and face mask night. I am so excited! I received this lotus mask from Sephora as a Christmas gift and cannot wait to try it. I also love to use the luminizing black mask from Boscia.

Nine // I have been lucky enough to bump into a few celebrities and always think of something fun or funny to say on the spot (except for that one time when Steve Martin did not get that I was saying one of his lines from Pink Panther to him), but I honestly think if I saw any of the Sharks I would freeze- I love them all! Especially Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec. One of my goals is to have them respond to one of my tweets to them! Stay tuned!

Ten //  I am going to try and visit all of the candy shop boutiques in San Francisco. Who is with me? Next stop, Sugarfina on Union!

I hope you have a great weekend!


caroline curran