Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a nice weekend! We had a lovely weekend and I feel very rested and excited for the week ahead. I had to share these photos of Lillian and my niece Clementine from last week. It was extremely special to have Lillian's first day of daycare with her best friend. Things went really smoothly and there were no tears! I actually felt great!

I know sometimes social media gets a bad reputation for making people experience FOMO or jealousy or sadness, but through my experience I have found that there are some really wonderful and positive aspects to sharing on social media. I was completely astonished and truly touched by the kind comments, emails, and texts I received about Lillian's first day.

Honestly, I think things went so smoothly because both Lillian and I were ready for her to start. And it helps knowing that I am still home with her two days a week. Plus, I know her big cousin is there looking out for her! What a treat to hear Clementine shouting and laughing, "Tunie! Tunie! Tunie!" when we walked in the door. It was also hysterical because Lillian's first day was last Tuesday when it was absolutely pouring in the city. We parked just down the block but by the time Jesse and I walked to the front door we were absolutely SOAKED! I mean it looked like we had just taken a shower with our clothes on. I wanted to get a picture of us three sitting on the front steps but that was definitely not going to happen.

I enjoyed having Lillian in daycare and having chunks of time to get work done. Since she was born I have been squeezing in work here and there and basically working when she sleeps. It was a little weird to be home in an empty house and walk into her room and not have her there. I've never been home without her; if I'm here, she's here. If someone is babysitting her I am usually out. I have to admit that I worked in her room on Tuesday. I sat in the rocking chair on my laptop and worked and worked. Throughout the day, I kept wondering to myself, "I wonder what Lillian is doing now?" and I would look at the clock and think, okay, now she is napping and now she is playing and now she is getting ready to get picked up.

It was quite funny to see how exhausted she was when I picked her up! Hanging with all of her friends was quite tiring. She went to bed after her first day at 6pm, rather than her usual 7:15pm bedtime. The only challenging thing last week was trying to get her on the daycare schedule. But I know we will figure it out!

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank everyone who thought about us. I felt fine those first couple of days but it also might set in this week or next week that this is our life- we are not together every day. Feel free to text me and ask how I am doing :)

Lots of love!


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