Happy Thursday! This week is absolutely flying by! I just dropped Lillian off at daycare, which I actually prefer to call school, and am home getting some work done. I am extremely grateful for our experience because after every drop-off at school, I feel more and more excited for Lillian's opportunity for growth, thankful for the incredibly genuine and loving staff, and ability to be a working mom. I cannot say enough great things about the daycare staff. They have been so wonderful to us and take amazing care of Lillian. She has her first runny nose this week! She is so cute with it!

I have been meaning to share some fun things that we do around the house on here, mostly because if I forget that we do these things, Lillian can look back and read about them. It would be so hilarious if my mom wrote down all of the funny experiences and adventures we had growing up! I would love to read her account of them rather than just relying on my childhood memories.

One of the many great pieces of advice I received from Caitlin when we first came home from the hospital and I was getting the hang of breastfeeding (before we went to DayOne Baby -read more here) was to have a nursing routine: sit in the same chair, get comfortable, play the same music, and most importantly, relax. So I did just that and created a playlist for nursing. It was a great way for me to get centered and it really worked. I made a playlist of all of my favorite John Mayer songs and listened to it EVERYTIME I nursed Lillian (I wonder how many times I have listened to it!!). I like to think it became a cue for her and helped her prepare too. Now I listen to the playlist when I am pumping. It helps when I am pumping in the gym locker room to have my headphones in listening to New Deep or Paper Doll and not worry about people looking at me. TMI.

Lillian already has her own iPhone! It is an old iPhone 4 that is basically an iPod Touch because it does not have a phone plan and it does the trick for playing all of her favorite music. We have an iTunes Radio family account and can access any song we want in their library. I love it! We have her phone in her room hooked up to jambox speakers so I can blast it when we are dancing together. She absolutely loves music and I am curious to see if she will end up being a singer or musician!

So I started creating playlists for other things too. Now we have about ten playlists for different occasions:

Playtime: Wee Sing's Nursery Rhymes

Nap time: Disney Princess Songs

Loud Nights: White Noise

Getting Ready for School: Michael Buble Home

Driving to School: Oldies (like we used to listen to on KFRC 99.7 on our way to school)

Quiet Time: Disney Lullabies

Driving Home from School: Holiday Soundtrack

Dancing and Play Time: Mix with Bieber, Walk the Moon,  Michael Jackson, Hall & Oates

Bath time: Beach Boys

Holidays: Glee Christmas and Michael Buble Christmas

What songs do you have on your playlist?


I want to check out the Sonos speakers so we can play music throughout the house!