I hope everyone had a lovely holiday and a great New Year's Eve! As most of us do around this time of year, I spent a lot of time reflecting on the past year and the year ahead. I am thrilled for some fun projects, starting a new job, learning some new skills, traveling, and watching Lillian grow!

Here are some of my resolutions for 2016 (in no particular order):

  1. Carry my camera with me everywhere I go. I am constantly taking photos of everything but they are always on my iPhone and I swear, it must be a lemon or something because the quality is not that great. I love taking photos of Lillian and want to have better quality photos, especially since we have not taken professional photos of her.
  2. Take professional family photos. Honestly, I think we have only a handful of photos of the three of us because one of us is behind the camera. I am looking forward to taking some great photos of us soon!
  3. Clean out the car more often. Sure it is great having extra blankets, diapers, and outfits at the ready, but I really want to keep our car clean this year.
  4. Travel more. Looking forward to national and international travel this year!
  5. Write more. This year I am going to write more but in different styles and formats. Looking forward to trying to write a news article, long form article, personal essay, and even poetry.
  6. Get back to the gym! This is everyone's plan at the start of the year but I am looking forward to working out intensely again with a new appreciation, understanding and respect for my body after pregnancy and labor. I am also looking forward to getting it ready for my next pregnancy.
  7. Learn more about finance. Jesse and I are excited about some lofty financial goals we have for 2016 (so, expect to see less shoes on here :) ) and we have both become interested in learning more about financial options, especially when it comes to best options for saving for Lillian. More on that in a separate post.
  8. Check Mint daily. We use Mint and I just installed the app on my phone so I can check it daily and see what we are spending on and if we are meeting our goals.
  9. Invest in the basics.  Inspired by Jesse's belief that things you use the most should be of the best quality, I have decided to leave the shoes in the online cart and instead purchase better undergarments, socks, and pajamas! I can't wait to get rid of some pajamas and t-shirts I have had for too long.
  10. Be open to new details.  I am always up for new adventures but when it comes to things I already have an opinion about, I usually don't venture out and I am hoping to change that. I have walked by David's Teas on 24th Street dozens of times but it was not until Jesse insisted we go so that he could pick up some teas for the office that I went in (mostly because I think their branding is super cheesy and appeals to the masses rather than being refined..yes, I am a tea snob). I absolutely love teas but I usually stick to a basic earl grey or green tea. It was actually fun to smell the different teas!
  11. Stop listening to the Justin Bieber album.  Cuz if you like the way you look that much, you should go and love yourself. 
  12. Make soup. I have had soup almost every day for the past two weeks. I am going to find some great recipes (send me one if you have some, please) and make soup from scratch.
  13. Play more board games. I loved them as a kid when we would play on vacation and I want to play more this year with friends and family.
  14. Create a photobook. I have been working on this for months and finally found a site I liked and am looking forward to creating one! 
  15. Be more disciplined. More details on this on another post.
  16. Wear more color. Color is the new black.
  17. Grow Perfect 10 SF and Look at Our City. Excited to also share tips for readers on how to start a blog and grow it!

Thanks so much for reading!! Can't wait for the year ahead! I will be sharing each of these resolutions in greater detail this month. Stay tuned for my parenting resolutions this year.


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