New year means new year's resolutions, right? 95% of us probably have a resolution that involves clothing in some way: I am not going to buy anything new, I am going to only buy things on sale, I am going to save up for a big purchase, or mine, I am going to invest in the basics. I was laughing to myself the other day because the last couple of months, especially with the holidays, it felt like I was either in workout clothes or party attire- there was no in-between. 

With Lillian starting daycare (in two weeks- the date got pushed back) I know I will be getting dressed again in professional attire for meetings, work, and because I don't want to spend all my days in workout clothes and a ball gown does not seem practical with this rain we have been having.

So I was going through my closet to see if there is anything I needed because now is the time to buy. January is actually the best time to make purchases because brands usually struggle after the holidays (and with resolutions not to shop) and offer a lot of promotions to bring customers to the store and to shop online (My goal is not try and not purchase anything in January. I will not be tempted! Seven days and going strong).

So I was looking at my clothes and realized I actually need nothing! I really believe that there are only a few essential items that every women needs and lucky me, I already have them and have even shared them on this blog over the years! This photo is from a year ago-- yet it looks like it could have been taken recently because my style has not really changed!! The funny thing is I have almost all of my suggested "must-haves" in this photo! Here they are!! 

  1. Black pants. If it seems like every fashion post I shared had my J.Crew Pixie pants in it is because it is true. These pants are a must. Luckily I already have a handful of pairs!
  2. Tailored coat. I have a handful of coats in a variety of colors and have worn them to every type of function-- interview, luncheon, date night, holiday party, baby shower, and I hate to even say it, but funeral. It's nice to have black and some color options but if I had to suggest one it would be a camel coat- chic and works well for day and night.
  3. Favorite piece of jewelry. Having a go-to piece to finish off an outfit is essential. I have my chunky Kate Spade pearl multi-strand necklace I wear all the time. Maybe for you it is a dainty ring or pair of earrings.
  4. Scarf. No explanation needed here. I throw a pashmina on over everything.
  5. Comfortable heels. During pregnancy I gave up on heels and now I pretty much wear one pair of 2" Chanel nude heels to everything. Life is much better with comfortable shoes.
  6. Lipstick you love. For me it is red and a bright pink. Gone are the days of me trying new lipsticks. I found what I like and what works.
  7. Comfortable bra. Ha! After wearing nursing bras with no underwire I am probably never going back to a wearing a bra with an underwire. Gotta keep the girls comfortable!
  8. White collared shirt. I am probably wear a collared shirt four days a week. Classic and crisp are my favorite. I think my favorite blouse of all time is this one from J.Crew.
  9. Statement piece. This can be anything that really packs a punch. Over the holidays I wore a sequin Kate Spade sweater (last seen at my baby shower) that I love. Whenever I feel like celebrating I pull it out!! I was thinking about this sweater the other day and I thought to myself, "what a GREAT purchase!" It looks great, is fun, and I love it even more each time that I wear it (Hmmm...I might wear it to a wedding we have coming up in a few weeks)-- just how all purchases should be. I have had it for almost three years!
  10. A BIG Smile. There is nothing better than a smile. It is free and goes with everything. Plus, I don't appreciate the resting-bitch-face-acceptance movement that happened a few months ago.


PS- I hope to have more photos of my outfits and adventures. It has been so busy with Miss Lillian and lugging around a camera with a full diaper bag was just not an option. Hoping my professional photographer Jesse is ready to dust off the 35mm lens! xoxo

Fashioncaroline curran