Happy Friday! We celebrated our Miss Lillian turning seven months on Wednesday and it was so exciting! It was extra special because it was my best friend Andie's birthday, as well! I was looking through a photo book I had created of the first six months and was so touched by the memories we have already created and how wonderful life has been since Miss Lillian's arrival. It made me think about our wonderful pregnancy and how she has been easy going and sweet to us from the very beginning.

Over the holidays a lot of people asked when we were going to have our next baby and I said we don't know, which is true. I am sure a lot of parents can relate to this: on the one hand it would be nice to have our children close in age, but on the other hand I really like the idea of waiting a few years. Jesse and I were laughing about the thought of Irish Twins (siblings born within the same year) and luckily we are passed that! 

But maybe it was a sign when I opened my email to a pleasant surprise-- a lovely message from WillBeMom saying that I had made their list of Favorite Pregnant Moms of 2015!!! I was so flattered to be included in this group of beautiful moms and appreciated the shoutout to Miss Lillian!! Either way, I decided that whenever we have our next child I will have to share my Weekly Pregnancy Updates on here to be fair!!

Have a lovely weekend!


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