This week is National Fire Prevention Week and since becoming a new mom I take precautionary and educational weeks very seriously! 

Growing up I remember my parents always had gallons of bottled water on hand, batteries, and more in an earthquake emergency kit- such a San Francisco family. I was four when the 1989 earthquake struck San Francisco and my mom always tells the story that we were at our Nana's house and my mom was at work and when she came to meet us she found us all huddled in the backyard with my Nana holding a crucifix!! lol.

These days there are ways that make you feel a little safer and little bit more prepared than a crucifix. I was introduced to Roost, the smart wi-fi battery for your smoke detector by my friend Rachael. Prior to meeting Jesse I probably would have had no interest in a smart battery with a unique iPhone app that takes care of all of the concerns and annoyances of standard smoke alarms but since he has shown me the benefits of using technology and being an early adopter I am excited about Roost.

The Roost smart battery alerts you on your phone when the batteries are low, it also sends notifications if you are away-- also perfect for a second home that you might not be at daily. It is the perfect gift for someone who spends too much time driving to a second home just to make sure it is still there. The best part for me is that you can "snooze" the alarm from your phone when you accidentally put a piece of toast in the toaster and walk away to do something else and then it burns to an absolute crisp (yes, this happens to me all of the time!!). Also, when the batteries are low it sends a alert to your phone rather than chirping that annoying sound!!! 

You can read more reviews about Roost here and on my absolute favorite website Fast Company.

Don't wait in making your home safer, especially if you have a little one. Check out Roost battery and smoke detector today!


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