Like I have said in recent posts having a blog allows me to share images that I want to keep all in one place. We have photos stored on the cloud and share most of them with our families on a stream but I love having my blog so that I can search for specific photos. 

I was thinking about it the other day and I hope to keep Perfect 10 SF around long enough for Lillian to look at it and see pictures of her as a baby. Parents' social accounts are basically modern baby books, right?

I also wonder when will I stop my blog or at least stop writing about Lillian. It is fun to share our fun experiences with family and friends through the blog but I can't imagine her starting kindergarten and people knowing about her.

I think about this constantly and am always pausing and thinking about what is best for Lillian. But on the other hand when we have more children and I want to be able to share photos and stories about them as well. So much to ponder. In the meantime, Lillian, just know whenever you read this that I love you very much and look how cute you are in these photos!




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