There are so many tips out there for traveling with your baby or toddler so I don't want to share too much, just what has worked for us when traveling with Lillian.

During the summer we spend most weekends away from home- either in Sonoma or Bodega- so we are used to being on the go. We've taken Lillian on two big vacations: one in February to Hawaii and most recently to the East Coast. Here are some of the things I have learned and always do:

  1. Bring your own crib sheets. This is a great way for Lillian to feel a little bit more comfortable. Plus, at the end of the trip I put all of Lillian's dirty clothes in the sheet and roll it up.
  2. Suite life- When we were in New York we got a one-bedroom suite that allowed us to put Lillian to bed just like we do at home with her normal bedtime routine. We were able to close the door, adjust the temperature for her, put on the music and have her stick to her bedtime. It was amazing. Then we stayed a few nights in a regular hotel room and she went to bed much later. I probably won't stay at a hotel again that doesn't have two rooms since it's better for her.
  3. Invest in a children's bag. With weekend trips happening every weekend I finally got Lillian her own weekender bag that fits everything she needs. When we went to New York I packed her her own suitcase and Jesse and I shared one. 
  4. Travel light. This is something I am always working on and Jesse keeps helping me get better at. I always try and plan according to our itinerary so that I don't overpack.
  5. Do your research in advance. When traveling without children it's fine to do whatever you want and be carefree about where you eat, where you stay, what you do. I have learned that it's best to have a few options in mind of where to eat and nearby grocery stores and pharmacies when traveling. It helps avoid a hungry child with no options. I usually create a note on my computer that syncs with my phone so that I can access them while on the go.
  6. Stroller protection. We bought the UppaBaby Travel bag for our stroller and it's great. If you register it before you go then it is covered if it is lost, stolen or damaged.
  7. Let it go. I'm actually really good at this. When traveling schedules, routines, and normalcy go out the window. It's important to just accept it as a moment in time rather than stress about it. 

Happy Travels!


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