I am so delighted to share today's post about our visit to the Eloise Suite at The Plaza!!! I'll keep it short and sweet because I think the photos speak for themselves! We had an absolute blast and is an experience that I will always remember and I hope Lillian cherishes when she's older.

Like I said in my previous post about New York, traveling with Lillian made all of our experiences even more special. I feel extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to get a behind the scenes tour of the Eloise Suite and a special shopping adventure in the Eloise Boutique.

Written in 1955 by Kay Thompson and illustrated by Hilary Knight, Eloise is a classic children's book about a six year old girl named Eloise who lives at The Plaza. The book is fun for all ages and I loved reading it as a girl. Rereading it before our visit reminded me so much of my childhood and how my sisters and I practically lived at the Flood Mansion in San Francisco, which was the home of our school Convent of the Sacred Heart where our mother was the Dean of Students. It is also where my older sister Caitlin and I had our weddings (see more here). 

We spent so many nights, weekends, and summers at the Flood Mansion and it really felt like home-- we honestly probably spent more time over the years at school then at our own home. There were secret passageways, ghost stories, quirks of the building and so many special things that made the building more than just a building to my family, as well as to all of the students who attended it over the years. I can relate to Eloise's experience of living in The Plaza in many ways.

People probably think I am crazy how excited I am about our visit but that is because I know how special of an opportunity it was. Designed by Betsey Johnson and available for stay for $1895 a night, visiting the Suite was really cool! 

On our trip to New York Lillian started saying, "NO, "MINE", "PLEASE", and "THANK YOU!". I can't help but feel like her playful and strong-willed personality is a little like Eloise. I know that these traits will serve her well as she gets older.

The Suite was beautifully and playfully appointed with pink, pink and more pink! I took a million photographs because I was so excited! There are so many fun details like the curtains with drawings on them, a closet full of dressup clothes and sleeping bags, a special mini-bar with Eloise candy, and custom bathrobes and slippers in the bathroom. Everything was too cute!

After our visit to the Suite we headed downstairs to the Eloise Boutique in the basement of the Plaza- this is also where their amazing food court is-- a must-visit in New York!! In the shop they have clothes, gifts, books, and more. You can also have a private event here for a tea party or birthday party-- something I want to do with my nieces and Lillian sometime soon!

It was an incredible experience and I am grateful to Nicole and the entire Plaza team for allowing us to have this special opportunity!


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