Growing up I was always very lucky- I would win contests, giveaways, guess the amount in the candy jar, etc. all of the time. That's also why I love doing so many giveaways on my blog and Instagram; I have a lot of first-hand experience of the thrill of winning something. I'll never forget the time in second grade I won original stills from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. It was a 72" frame with images from the Disney movie. I was soooo excited that I insisted on having it in my bedroom-- yes, I had almost life size images of this guy in my bedroom. Gotta love that my parents didn't even blink an eye.

My mom would always say to me, and she actually still does, that I need to play the lottery. I would always pick the numbers for her and when I was in high school I would always pick the starting five numbers of our basketball team- Jen-11, me- 14, Liz-22, Jestynn-32, and Andie 34. Being able to buy my own lottery ticket was probably what I was the most excited about when i turned 18.

I know everyone has spent some time thinking what they would do if they suddenly came into a lot of money, either from the lottery, or a special circumstance.

Here are the few things I would do with the money:

First, I would donate money to rename rooms of the Flood Mansion after my mom, Celine Curran Student Center, the Celine Curran Library, etc. I might also name the gym after my mom. Not sure yet. And definitely one after my Nana.

Then, I would book a trip for all of my family to go to Tahoe. A big lake-front property for two weeks so we could just hang out and enjoy Tahoe summer. Then I'd also take us all to Ireland and Italy. Of course, all of our friends, and family are invited!

Then I would of course donate more money to Bay Scholars, ICA, Girls on the Run and a few other non-profits.

Then I would give some money to all of the daycare staff that takes such great care of Lillian.

Then Jesse and I would go celebrate at Flour+Water. I'd also buy him every single tech item out there.

Then I would take all of my sisters and mom on a shopping spree. I'd go to the Chanel store on Maiden Lane and- this is the part I have always dreamed of-- walk in and say, "I'd like this, this, this, this, and I am wearing that outfit out! THANK YOU! Sort of like a nice Pretty Woman scene.

Then I would pay everyone back who has even loaned me money or given me nice gifts. And I would take everyone to Hawaii.

Then I would take my dad to get a new car-- he's bought so many cars for us kids over the years so I would just take him to go get whatever he wants. And I know he'll probably want a Ford Explorer.

Then I would buy my venue that I have always wanted and open up a coffee shop.

And then I would just go to work and live life because you can't stop working just because you've won the lottery, Caroline!!!!

What would you do?




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