Happy First Day of November! We have a lot going on around here and I am excited about what the month of November has in store! We are waiting for Caitlin to have her baby any day and we are so excited! Also, we are celebrating my dad's 65th birthday next week!

I'm sharing these photos from last Saturday night when we went to a black tie wedding at The Legion of Honor. I am also working on a new project this month that I am excited to share. Have you heard of #dressember? It's a challenge in which you try and only wear dresses for the entire month of December.

I decided to challenge myself to #dressember for a couple of reasons. Oh, and I am also doing it in November because I can't wait another thirty days-- think of it as the female version of #movember

There is a little bit more to the #dressember that I wanted to share. It might surprise a lot of people that read my blog that I actually have been trying to draw less attention to myself for the last two or so years-- wow that is weird to think it has been that long. I feel like I have been in a fashion rut for waayyyy tooo long! Here's the list of excuses why: When I was a school counselor I always wore simple black clothes and shoes so that I wouldn't distract my clients. Then I was pregnant and wore maternity Pixie Pants every day with a blouse. Then I nursed Lillian for a year so I was wearing pants and button downs. And for the last couple of months I have been opting for comfort and athleisure really out of habit.

It's time to look a little bit better and have some fun! I'm going to try new colors, trends, silhouettes and more this month! Wish me luck and follow along on Instagram- @CarolineMCurran


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