This weekend was one for the books- between the beautiful weather, a visit to the San Francisco Zoo, three thrilling shows by the Blue Angels, a trip to the pumpkin patch and the best sushi ever, it is hard to not be happy!

I have to share the photos from last year's pumpkin patch visit because it's incredible to see how much Lillian has grown. Probably my favorite thing about having a blog is the ability to go back and revisit some of the memories I have previously shared. Especially since we are now doing things a second time around with Lillian. Holidays with a little one are the absolute best! Hard to believe that Lillian was just five months old when we took her to the pumpkin patch last year. I have to laugh because in last year's post I said I can't wait for next year to see how she acts! 

Lillian had a lot of fun walking around and looking at the pumpkins, crawling through the maze and she especially loved the stuffed animals they had there! Too funny.

We had thought about going to a pumpkin patch in Half Moon Bay or Portola but we didn't want to miss the Blue Angels so we decided to stay in the city. A lot of people commented that Lillian and I looked so cute in our matching outfits. I have a variety of responses- the usual "thanks" or my favorite, "oh, funny. I didn't realize we were matching"! Lol. I always just trying and have a good time and make myself laugh.

I can't wait for Halloween and to visit the pumpkin patch again next year with Lillian! I can't suggest enough how important it is to take photos and store in a place or way that makes it easy for you to look back on! Maybe start your blog today (read more about my thoughts on blogging as a business here)

Happy Halloween!



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