On Monday, like any good sister, I crashed Colleen's spa day at Indian Springs Resort and it was a blast! It was really fun to spend time with Colleen because we don't get to do fun things together as much as we used to and as much as we'd like to because of her busy work schedule.

Colleen got a mudbath and a massage and I got a deep tissue massage. I think of myself as someone who never complains but I have something to complain about today. My back has been soooo incredibly sore from picking up Lillian all of the time that when Colleen said she was going Indian Springs to get a massage I invited myself.

Indian Springs has a lot going on! There is a hotel, the spa, two pools (one adults only), and some places to eat. I was really surprised how many families were there-- everyone was having a blast! Indian Springs makes a great family or couples getaway because they have everything you need there. Don't miss the ping pong tables, croquet, and iconic blue beach cruisers. Also, their adorable green seersucker robes are the comfiest robes ever-- I was so tempted to buy one from the spa gift shop. You also have to check out the custom Toss bags for the spa!

To be honest, I didn't quite plan this experience correctly so in today's post I wanted to first just say how great this place is and second, share some of my tips for having the best experience. Colleen spent the night in Sonoma and just had a quick 25 minute drive to Calistoga. I drove up from the city and while it was so easy, little traffic and lovely to just let my mind wander (my favorite thing to do while driving), it was longer than I anticipated and made it just in time for my noon appointment. I also didn't plan my schedule out right.

If you want the best experience I recommend:

Stay at Indian Springs or somewhere in the north bay, head to the warm springs pool when it opens at 9:00am, hang for an hour in the 90 degree pool (!!!) so soothing, take a selfie in their poolside fun mirror, schedule a 10:00am appointment, then relax and read a book in the Buddha Gardens by the outdoor fireplace, and then head back to the pool for poolside lunch and drinks. Then relax and go for a bike ride to downtown Calistoga and walk around.

I wish I took more photos but even if I did, I know they wouldn't capture how peaceful and low-key this resort is. I've been fortunate to have visited a handful of really great spas over the years and what I liked about Indian Springs was that it was beautiful yet accessible. If you are trying to take your best friend or partner to their very first spa experience then I highly recommend Indian Springs. Be sure to check out their prayer tree where you can write a prayer on a piece of paper and hang it on the tree. 

I can't wait to go back and bring all of our sisters and mom for a fun pool day! Hopefully in a few weeks since this is the best time to go! Check out Indian Springs resort as soon as possible!


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