A few weeks ago I had the special opportunity to take a mid-week vacation to Sonoma to visit the El Dorado Hotel & Kitchen. It was the perfect retreat and allowed me to experience Sonoma in a whole new way. While I love Sonoma, I mostly spend time at my parents house off of Highway 12 (hence why I am always at VJB Cellars).

I have dined at the El Dorado Kitchen before (just a few weeks ago when I was in Sonoma for the Sarah and Vinnie Pool Party) and it is honestly one of the best restaurants I have even been to. It has been on my wish list to stay at the El Dorado Hotel and experience the newly redesigned rooms.

Look at the photos of the room-- how gorgeous and perfectly California chic are they?! I loved the paint color, rustic chic decor, and the most comfortable bed ever!! I was so appreciative of the warm welcome from the staff and they were even so friendly when I left all of my clothes hanging in the closet! I was driving back to the city when I got a 707 phone call and I picked it up and just said, "oh boy, what did I forget?!" Maybe it was my unconscious way of telling myself to stay longer :)

The hotel is located on the northwest corner of the Sonoma Plaza which means you get to experience the Square in the best way. I was there with my sister Claire and I realized how kid friendly the hotel was. It is located next to dozens of restaurants, right across the street from the park with play structures and intimate tasting rooms. It really is perfect because there is something for all ages. The hotel even has a small pool (that is actually undergoing renovation soon) that is perfect for kids to splash in on those hot summer days.

One of my favorite parts of my stay was waking up early and enjoying the complimentary coffee served on the second floor landing and then getting back in bed and watching tv. I never do this, especially with Lillian getting up so early and needing my attention. It was so fun! Plus, we don't have cable at home so I always love watching Fixer Upper! The breakfast we had the next morning in the Cafe was simply amazing-- those churros were divine! I can't wait to go back for breakfast with Jesse and Lillian!

If you are planning a visit to Sonoma soon then definitely check out El Dorado Hotel & Kitchen-- you will be delighted by all they have to offer. I know I'll be back!


Thank you to El Dorado Hotel & Kitchen for hosting me for this stay.



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