The holidays are here! My life recently has been filled with meetings, to-do lists, wrapping presents, events, and parties, parties, parties!! I finished my Christmas shopping a few weeks ago and it has been fun to see all of the things I ordered arrive. I am wrapping and sending them out with love as fast as possible.

A lot of people have texted me or emailed me saying they can't believe I got my Christmas shopping done already (with a slight undertone of resentment). When they ask for suggestions on what to get people I usually say what are at the top of my wishlist: pajamas and new underwear.

I wrote about Underclub and the fun experience I had of getting three pairs of luxurious underwear based on my style profile delivered to me for three months (see my previous post here). I was delighted to learn that Underclub has special holiday gift sets!!!! I am thinking of getting a set for myself. It makes the perfect gift for a friend, bachelorette, or sister. Hey, you can get spicy and gift it to your mom or aunt-- you do you!

The thing that I love about this gift is that it is the perfect last-minute-I-don't-have-a-gift-for-her-yet!! Simply go online and click "GIFT THIS SET" and you're done-- it's so easy!! 

The holiday sets are "Get the Party Started" which includes a luxurious robe, false eyelashes, and a pair of undies. "Keep the Party Going" includes a bralette and pair of undies with tattoos!

My suggestion: gift these sets to your best friends and then take a moment. Open your underwear drawer and see what's in there. If there's some old pairs that you know you should get rid of, toss them and treat yourself to a subscription to Underclub.




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