A few months ago we had the pleasure of taking a family photo session with Erica of Erica Taylor Photography. I heard about her through a moms Facebook group that I am in and was eager to support a fellow working mom, who also happens to be extremely talented.

When she offered a session at Baker Beach I jumped at the chance. I honestly don't love sand- I hate that it gets everywhere! It is one of my hardest challenges of being a mom because I want to make sure Lillian has an opportunity to have her own relationship with sand (I'm not trying to be dramatic but I try and avoid sand because of this one memory I have of being in Lake Tahoe and getting sand in my sandwich-- ironic, now that I think about it).

So I thought working with Erica would be the best way to capture some great photos in a setting that I normally try to avoid. And to say I love the photos is an understatement!! Erica is easy-going yet professional and was amazing working with Lillian. I highly recommend her for your family photos or newborn session! Visit her website here!

I love the way Erica captured Jesse and Lillian's relationship. These are some of my favorite photos of the two of them ever!!

I am not going to share all of the photos because I am working on a fun project with them so stay tuned!


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