A sneak peek in to life recently! It has been so busy and oh, so fun! While I am sharing lots of photos of fun activities and travels there have been so many meetings, early mornings and late nights working. I thought that things would quiet down after Thanksgiving but the last two weeks have been the busiest of the entire year!!

Walt Disney Family Museum: Last Friday Lillian and I had the special honor of visiting the Walt Disney Family Museum in the Presidio for a special holiday lighting of a model version of Carolwood, the Disney Family's home in Los Angeles. Although we go to the Presidio all of the time, especially during summer and fall for Off the Grid Picnic, we had never visited the museum. I can't wait to go back and check it out again. It was so funny-- all of the staff wears bright red cardigans and Lillian just happened to wear her red sweater so she looked like a mini, or should I say Minnie, employee! Too fun! Also, we learned that Walt's wife's name was Lillian, too!

Sonoma Mission Inn: We had a great girls weekend in Sonoma at the Sonoma Mission Inn. The spa is HEAVEN!!!! Spread my ashes there, will you?! It is heaven on earth. I can't recommend it enough. There are two outdoor hot mineral pools, two indoor hot tubs, a sauna, cold water rinse, and eucalyptus steam room.

BuildingConnected Holiday Party: Did you know I moonlight as the VP of Events for BuildingConnected? We had the third annual holiday party at Barbarossa Lounge (the old Bubble Lounge for you old San Francisco teenagers who are now 31 like me!!). Since BuildingConnected is now at 35 people plus dates and friends and family it was a big party! They have an incredible team I am happy everyone had a great time! 

Speaking of BuildingConnected, Lillian started her internship at BuildingConnected when we visited Jesse at work! She loved running around and playing with the office dog Logan, an adorable Corgi. She also did not want to leave Jesse's desk and wanted to just keep typing on his keyboard.

Holiday Spirit. I was sooooo in the holiday spirit in early December and got all of our shopping done. But these past two weeks have been crazy that it feels like Christmas is far away but it's actually very close! I am excited to celebrate with family the next couple of days and spend time with Jesse and Lillian. We will miss Jesse's family who is traveling for the holidays to be with Jesse's sister. 

Preschool applications. Yes, we are already applying to preschool for Miss Lillian! It's been a fun and interesting process, especially since I have a background in education. It's been a rough couple of days around here because Lillian is teething and had a fever over the weekend and now has a little bit of a cold. 

Cozy Christmas Pajamas. I got these polka dot pajamas for Lillian for Christmas from Pottery Barn Kids (they're on sale now!!). I've been wanting to open them and have her wear them because it has been so cold but I made myself promise we would wait until Christmas eve.

I hope everyone has a lovely holiday week!!! Good luck with the last minute shopping!








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