Happy 2017!! Geeze, I will never forget when it was 1994 and I was writing on my homework 1994 and I thought, wow, I will never get used to writing this!

And yet, here we are! After a simply wonderful 2016 (you can see my previous post about some of the highlights) we are ready for a fabulous 2017. I absolutely loved seeing everyone share their favorite memories, best nine, and hopes for the new year.

Since returning from our amazing vacation to Santa Barbara, which I will share more on later this week, we have been practically living in our pajamas. We absolutely adore our new Roberta Roller Rabbit matching heart pajamas (mine can be found here and Lillian's can be found here). We've enjoyed spending so much time as a family just the three of us, especially since 2016 was so busy and because 2017 is looking just as busy!

We had a lovely relaxing New Year's Eve at home in our pajamas, let Lillian stay up and late and then we had a little champagne. It was the perfect celebration. I was thinking about it today as I was cleaning that it is so funny and ironic that most people start out their year feeling like garbage from the night before. We prefer to start our year off by getting up and seizing the day!

We've spent some time cleaning and organizing our home. My New Year's resolution this year is to focus on our home and really building a place for our friends and family to be welcomed. My goal is to host Christmas 2017!! Hopefully that happens!

I also suggested to Jesse that we should come up with 12 things we want to achieve; one each month. Like hiking 20 miles in a month, reconnecting with old friends, eating all weekend meals in, taking a class. I guess we will have to come up with each one as we go along throughout the year!

For January we are focusing on meal planning. Too often we find ourselves running to Whole Foods to get something quick because we each have had such long days. We are going to try new recipes, prep in advance and come up with better systems! We are so excited! I am going to use Real Simple for my recipe ideas!

One thing that's for sure: we are going to be spending a lot of time in our cozy pajamas! I think I might just have to get this pair of pajamas from Roberta Roller Rabbit for Jesse!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful 2017! I wanted to say thank you again for following along!

It means so much to me!


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