Happy February!! I hope everyone had a nice weekend! I am delighted to kick off February, my favorite month, but first I wanted to look back at my 2016 resolutions and see how I am doing one month in! I had an absolutely wonderful start to the year and January was a perfect month, aside from the cold Lillian and I have right now.

You can see my original post about my 2016 resolutions <here>. Here is an update on where I am:

  1. Carry my camera with me everywhere I go. Yes! I have been doing this and have captured some great shots! You can see more on Instagram.
  2. Take professional family photos. We did a mini-shoot and I can't wait to share the photos soon!
  3. Clean out the car more often. Yes! I am so happy to say that our car has been much cleaner. I got a carwash at Touchless on Divisadero (everyone who lives in SF and has a car knows about this spot) and have been keeping the car clean.
  4. Travel more. We are really excited about an upcoming family trip.
  5. Write more. Yes, I have been doing this but not as much as I want to. Still need to work on this one.
  6. Get back to the gym! I went twice last week and felt great! With Lillian in daycare I am figuring out my schedule and trying to get a more structured workout and work schedule in place.
  7. Learn more about finance. Still could learn more.
  8. Check Mint daily. I did this for the first two weeks and now I need to get back to checking it every day.
  9. Invest in the basics. I actually haven't bought anything or gone shopping recently. I picked up a red turtleneck from J.Crew on major sale but with our recent sun have not had a chance to wear it.
  10. Be open to new details. Could be better about this one.
  11. Stop listening to the Justin Bieber album. Can't stop, won't stop. 
  12. Make soup. I had actually forgotten about this one so I am really glad I wrote it down!
  13. Play more board games. I had forgotten about this one, too. Maybe we'll have a game night soon.
  14. Create a photobook. YES!! I finally created one for Lillian and I cannot wait to share it.
  15. Be more disciplined. I have definitely practiced more discipline these last few weeks and I have enjoyed being more efficient with time and not scrambling for deadlines!
  16. Wear more color. Yes, but I pretty much match the weather. If it is raining I am wearing all black and trying to stay dry. If there is some sun I throw on some color.
  17. Grow Perfect 10 SF and Look at Our City. I have been focusing more on Curran Creative and my clients' needs so I have put Look at Our City on hold but will continue to blog at Perfect 10 SF!

How are your resolutions going?