I know you are probably looking at these photos of my adorable friend Darby and you are seriously wondering if there is another Curran sister? No, but I wish Darby and I were sisters! We connected a few weeks ago when she introduced me to her company Darby Jackson Wellness (you have to check out her site and her adorable logo- it's one of my favorites I have ever seen) and I was so inspired by her passion, knowledge, and drive!I From her beautiful photos you can guess that she is energetic and oozes positivity!  I am delighted to have met Darby and am excited to introduce her to the Perfect 10 SF community!

Darby Jackson is a passionate health coach and wellness educator that awakens clients to the very best version of themselves. She takes a down-to-earth approach to wellness and helps busy people achieve a healthy lifestyle. The foundation of her practice is built on four truths that she instills in whomever she is working with:

  1. Food is not a bad thing
  2. You are powerful
  3. Find balance
  4. Your life is your art

Darby graduated from UC Berkeley and then went on to study health and wellness at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She offers a variety of services that help clients reach their full potential. Darby lives in Berkeley with her husband Brett and is proud to say that her car is always full of used coffee mugs and kombucha wrappers. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I love talking to myself. Seriously. I do it all of the time and it’s kind of my little secret to success. I give myself pump up talks right before I see clients, as I’m stepping on stage to give a big presentation or any event that makes me a little bit nervous. Try it next time you’re not feeling confident or need a little boost. It’s a game changer!

I’m also a total foodie and love love wine. I really practice what I preach which is to live your life with balance. I try to focus on whole ingredients and foods as often as I can but I also want to enjoy my life and all of the wonderful foods and activities that come with it. So, sometimes that means wine and pizza for dinner! 

I live in Berkeley with my husband Brett and love to spend as much time outside as I can. We have our own paddle boards (they were Brett’s wedding present to me!) so we try to get out on the water, especially on Lake Tahoe, as often as possible. We are actually training for a trans Tahoe paddle coming up this Summer! I grew up playing water polo so I love anything water related. 

How did you get started with your company?

For years I struggled with my body image and weight management issues. I was so frustrated by the dieting world and all of the anxiety that it caused me. I knew that looking and feeling great had to be easier than counting calories and feeling exhausted all of the time. So, I decided that something needed to change, not just for me, but for all of the other women out there suffering with their relationship with food. After I graduated from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I began working one on one with women that were looking to find peace with their bodies and the food that they ate. It’s been a powerful transformation for my clients and then also for me. 

What is your favorite part about being an entrepreneur?

I love that I get to add value to women’s lives each and every day. I worked in the non-profit world for a couple of years and loved the feeling that I got from knowing that I was directly impacting lives and making a difference. I thought that I’d have to stay in non-profit for the rest of my life to be able to continue to make a difference. Then, when I founded Darby Jackson Wellness, I realized that I could really impact lives doing something that I love and make it a successful career. 

How do you define success?

When I was at the Bulletproof Conference this last October I heard the most remarkable speech about success in business. What I remember most from the talk was this, “Don’t ask yourself where you can make the most money but where you can add value to the world.” If I am continuously adding value to my client’s lives, then I know that I am doing my job well and that true financial and personal success will follow. 

What is one skill you think everyone woman should have?

I’d love for every woman to feel confident. There have been many times in my life when I’ve lacked confidence and it’s affected nearly everything. When you are confident, you attract more positivity and strength into your life and therefore build even more confidence in your body and spirit. 

I work on building my own confidence and then confidence in my clients in a couple of ways. One of my favorite exercises to build confidence is to write down a couple of things that I know I’m really good at. For example, I’ll write something like “Darby, you’re one badass public speaker” followed by “ I know that I am a powerful woman that makes things happen”. I keep that piece of paper with me all day and continue to look at it and I repeat those things in my head and even out loud. It’s kind of like a little pump up talk that you can give yourself throughout the day. I’m really big on self-pump up talks! 

What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs?

Put yourself out there and collaborate wherever you can. Being an entrepreneur is amazing but it can also be pretty lonely. The best thing I’ve done for my career and also for myself is that I’ve made a really big effort to meet anyone and everyone that I think might gain value from Darby Jackson Wellness. I attend social events, networking nights, meet ups, take people out to coffee and go the extra mile to make connections.  I do this so that I can meet as many women as possible, spread my knowledge and then also learn from all of the brilliant women out there. There is always more to learn, interesting people to connect with and amazing opportunities just around the corner. 

Thank you Darby!! Make sure you check out Darby Jackson Wellness and connect with her! She is hosting an event at Rebecca Minkoff on Fillmore tomorrow, Friday evening if you want to meet her and check out the Rebecca Minkoff athlesiure wear!


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