While I really love writing about parenting and San Francisco and meaningful things, I also love dressing up and sharing my favorite fashions. I'm not the world's best "fashion blogger" (and actually don't really use that term to describe myself) because three days a week I am in work out clothes and on the days I actually do get dressed I don't snap a photo. 

But the real point of a fashion blogger, in my opinion, is to help sift through the overwhelming amount of items out there and curate the best pieces. So, while I prefer to write about other topics, I still like sharing some of my favorite pieces.

All of these dresses are under $150 and available at Nordstrom. I have linked them (without an affiliate link because I think that would be hypocritical given my previous post on How Blogs Make Money!). :) It's so funny for me to see all of the dresses that catch my eye- I definitely have an affinity for classic, feminine, black and white pieces!